A Plus D Museum : Installation


Installation titled “INSERT COIN”  shown @ the A Plus D Museum in Los Angeles.

I was given a space at the A+D Museum amongst other chosen artists for an art exhibit for the release of a music compilation that teamed up visual artists with musicians. I was teamed up for a song by Musician Flying Lotus for his music piece on the compilation From L.A With Love. I utilized the space with an installation of arcade cabinets symbolizing past nostalgia of an era that is no longer as available to the youth now, the arcade. This was a part of my childhood that influenced character design and story. Amongst the themes of the arcade cabinets are different character that I imagined would be there own game in the arcade game scenario.

The installation included, Custom arcade cabinet design, hand painted wall and floor Dez Einswell Signature print.

DezEinswell_Aplusdmuseum-02 DezEinswell_Aplusdmuseum-03 DezEinswell_Aplusdmuseum-04