Kicks Lab : Japan Live Paint Exhibit


The first of a series of visits to Japan for 2 live paint exhibitions.

I was asked to come out to Japan to paint the front window display with my signature pattern along with painting live for another event Kicks Lab was hosting. The live paint event featured a nice wall with 2 canvases set up for me to get loose on in front of an audience.

Also released with this tour was an edition of 50 Whyno vinyl figures with an exclusive white costume just for the Kicks Lab Tokyo location and a limited edition T-shirt.

DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-02 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-03 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-04 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-05 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-06 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-07 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-08 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-09 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-010 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-011 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-012 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-013 DezEinswell_KicksLab2009-014